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I've kept up with several failures of the 13" Cobra and Bullitt brakes.

Heavy Duty in the sense of track events with severe braking. Street and autoxing are not terribly hard on the brakes. Repeated braking on the track with race slicks can turn pad material into a liquid.

One failure is when using upgraded pads, the additional heat can melt the brake lines. This was an issue with older Cobras and may be corrected for the 2001 Bullitts. Stainless lines are cheap and will outlast stock. There are cold air kits available and would keep the brakes cool.

Another failure is one which occurred to a Cobra driver at a track event last weekend. The disk separated from the 'hat'. From what I understand, the disk is welded to the hat, giving it a place to start a failure. Luckily, nothing failed too bad, the driver replaced the disk and continued.
He suggested using the slotted disks from Maximum Motorsport. I have not seen these units to confirm they are cast one piece.

Eradispeed makes a lightweight 2 piece hat. While these are very good pieces, they are expensive. If I find some cash in a box somewhere, I may get them.

I'll also use either a $10/can brake fluid (Superblue or Motul) or maybe the heavyduty truck brake fluid from Ford.

I hope to have most of these upgrades ready by mid-March for another track event.

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These problems ahve been around a while.

If you are going to do high speed driving schools or road racing in general, it is imperitive you go to good quality stanless brake lines on the front. The stock rear on the Bullit is fine. I'll replace my rear later for as good a pedal feel as I can get.

As for rotors, inspect them regularly, especially after each run at a track. Ultimately, the best choice for this kind of duty is t buy some 2 pc rotors. This makes changing the rotor disk easier, they usually transmit less heat to the hub and wheel bearings and are lighter.

I also installed brake ducting which can make a huge difference. You can see mine at

I have used Porterfield R4E compound pads on my past cars with good results.

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