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BULLITT breakdown by Audio System

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Here is the breakdown that was requested by audio system:

True Blue w/ Mach 460: 669
True Blue w/out Mach 460: 54

Ebony w/ Mach 460: 1708
Ebony w/out Mach 460: 110

Dark Highland Green w/ Mach 460: 2873
Dark Highland Green w/out Mach 460: 168

1989 Mustang GT

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I am not one to question the great Mr T but the DHG and Ebony #s look a little off... you sure about those?
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On 2002-02-08 20:42, Mr.T wrote:
Feel free to question me. You guys got me! I edited the original post and fixed the #'s. I had the Ebony and DHG in the wrong order. Sorry about that. Thanks!


No problem.. just afraid the Heinekens were catchin' up with me.. Glad to see I still have room for a couple more :-B
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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