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BULLITT Coin Cases!

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OK Folks,

I'm tired of waiting for the guy in Korea to send the coin cases so I've ordered nicer ones from a company in Mississippi.

These are 2" cases with white foam inserts.

They will ship to me on Friday and I will have them 2 days later (Monday or Tuesday probably).

I want to apologize to everyone for the wait.

I've also ordered blanks from my Korea source so that I can number them here and send them as single orders come in.

This should speed up the process considerably.

Thanks for your patience!
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Thanks Wade,
I received the 3 coins I ordered the other day. Really nice, looking forward to getting a couple of cases...
Plan to put 2 of them in the WhiskyCreek print.

P.S. I will be in Grapevine Tx on the weekend of April 26-28th.... Sure would be fun to meet up with a few Texas Bullitt heads...
Unfortunately I will be driving the Explorer not he Bullitt. :sad:
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