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Bullitt County Kentucky...

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...presently staying at the hotel (Country Inn & Suites) that we stayed at during the 2005 Bullitt Nationals. The desk person remembers us. She asked me if there was some "Bullitt Fandango" going on at the hotel tonight. She said if there was, she was calling the P O L I C E because she remembers B-Man dancing on the roof (of the hotel) at 0330 hours the last time we were here. I stated that there was no "Bullitt Fandango" going on and B-Man was not here. She was relieved and let me stay.

Cochese reporting from Bullitt County, Kentucky...

Cochese out.

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by far the best Nats we've had, loved it from start to finish!!

Hope we can do a more grassroots, old-school-style Nats one year again, just for the fun of it!!

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