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Word has come to me via Wine Country Motorsports at Sears Point Raceway that AutoArt has inked a deal to build 1/18th Diecasts of the 2001 Bullitt cars. I'll write more when I can confirm the deal but my source has never been wrong yet on Autoart diecasts - he gets early releases of all Autoart cars-while the main shipments come by boat from China he is given one sample from the early production run flown over to the States-which explains why he already has a 1/12 GT 40 that the rest of the diecast collecting world won't see until May (main shipment arrived in Autoarts werehouse on January 18th with serious defects-Autoart has refused all cars and are having them remade thus the 3 month further delay for any of you who have ordered one of these $450 beauties). I've been told the deal had ben slow because of money and releases--Ford does not own rights to the trademark name "Bullitt" and they had to pay $$ to use the name on the car-thus no tee shirts, hats, keychains etc from Ford. Maisto has molds for the 99 and up body style-with light modification needed for the Bullitt. Revell has rights to Steve McQueen/Bullitt name for 68 Mustang and those naming rights may effect the 01 car--(Revell cut a deal with Ertle for the 1/18th 1968 now appearing). At $30 via Maisto there was not enough dollars for all the parties to get together but a $60 Autoart car produces enough cash for the deal makers. As soon as I get an email back from my Autoart insder I'll advise and confirm.

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Ouch! As soon as you said AutoArt, I saw $$ signs. However, it does mean a very high quality diecast car. If they just didn't cost so much, I would have the whole Mustang collection, especially the Super Stallion that I drool over. Anyway, guess I better start my Bullitt "slush fund" as Collin called it. This is great news, anyway!!


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yes, Auto Art is almost certainly going to make a 2001 Bullitt. the founders and i have known for quite a few weeks now but we were asked to keep quiet until it was officially announced.
it has been in the works for a while! we agreed to keep quiet until it was OK!

It made the most sense for 3 reasons:
1. look at the Auto Art 2000 Cobra R to see their detail and quality.
2. since they already have the dies for the 2000 Mustang Cobra, making the 2001 Bullitt is an easy transformation for them.
3. they already have a liscense agreement with the McQueen foundation to make models of Steve's Formula type race cars from the 60's, so an agreement for the 2001 Bullitt is easier for them than the other guys!!

and finally sc93, no one disputed your "knowledge" of the fact that DHG was on the Escape (or Explorer) if you had bothered to go back and do a search here, you'd see that it had been discussed many times before. it was the WAY you told us and your attitude that we thought could have been more adult/professional. you're brand new here, why don't you take some time to research the site, get to know us, and how we relate to one another here BEFORE you tell us...........
"WHAT WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND" about DHG in such an overly "Holier Than Though" manner

you might find out we know quite a bit already!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Tom at National Diecasters was the 1st person to tell us in late November and he has been VERY COOL to keep us posted. he is one of Auot Art's TOP DEALERS so i will keep you posted on what i find also!

his site is still down ( but he is working very hard to re-establish it after it was lost/destroyed in the transition from his "host" when it was taken over by another company
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sc93...great info! Thanks for keeping us all
advised! I'll save some $ in the Bullitt
"slush fund". :smile:
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