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Bullitt display/ meetup possible at NPD Silver Springs Show

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Charlie Taleska has contacted NPD to get permission for us to display our cars as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the movie.

The show is on January 13th [ see other thread here]

They are positive on the proposal but asked that we have at least 10 cars and have all the cars arrive together and "very early ' in the morning.

This is important so we can be near the main stage and vender displayarea are since the cars are parked starting from that place and radiate out into the grounds.

Charlie will attempt to get a space reserved by placing his car there the night before.

We may be able then to arrive a little later than the " crack of dawn "....

But first ...

We need to get the commitments to attend .

Use this thread to reply.

Tim will also email owners who are not regulars here.

Will have updates as we go along.

Registration is still open

As of last week there were 800 + pre-registrants.

Should be an amazing show, if the weather holds.
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at the minus 6:06 mark, the rep for Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords is doing a walk around at the show and remarks about the British racing Green Fords for the Bullitt.....showing what she knows about Mustangs......NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s Courtney Barber from Team Mustang Girls. She does freelance for them and lives here in the Charleston area. Our local club is having a OMBC (Old Man’s/Mustangers Breakfast Club) meeting this Wednesday and she will be on hand. I’ll have to bring her up to speed on Highland Green Paint. ;-) LoL. She’s super cool and recently restored a classic mustang. Drove it cross country to Alaska and several shows. She knows how to wrench and just bought an old Bronco to fix up too.
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