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Today, I had to dodge the Repo man, aka private wrecker, literally. This super BOZO forced me into the inside breakdown lane on the Houston Beltway at lunch time. He pulled into my lane to pass another truck, but he seemed to forget the GM clunker stuck to his a__ that doubled his length. No room to brake with an ugly (purple paint and bra), tricked-out (jacked up rear end) Toyota Avalon ricer behind me. One option the breakdown lane. Glad there wasn't any junk or broken down car there. Passed the jerk in the Chevy PU without incident.

Would you believe he tried to chase me down? No contest there. He backed off when the cell phone came up to my ear and left the beltway in a hurry at the next exit. He musta thought I was on the horn to 911.

Glad that defensive driiving isn't the only driving class offered.
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