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Bullitt Engine Rattle: MP3 Audio

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I captured this sample on the way home from work this evening. It wasn't very loud, but it's good enough to show what the rattle sounds like while driving the car (you may need some good headphones to hear the band isolated versions). The sound is peaking right around 4 kHz (pretty close to the RPM when the sound occurred):
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DrivingSimulators, you are a genius. Those tracks and results are excellent. I thought that the second one bandisolated.mp3 was ideal. 2,3,and 4 are good too.

I also really got a kick out of bullittrattle.mp3. It's so cool sounding. I may upload it into my Tascam788 and jam over it on my next CD. Getting back to the point...

....You have correctly captured the death rattle of my Bullitt #2095. Thank you for your time and effort. I'm still not overly worried about it, but it p*sses me off if I ever think I want to sell this car. Fortunately, I plan on making it a keeper. I keep telling myself, "Real race cars exibit piston slap 'till fully warmed, Real race cars exibit piston slap 'till very warm..."
I'll have to bring home a pair of anaglyphs from my office to check out your 3-D shots. I'm an optometrist.

Nice work, there, DrivingSimulators!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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