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Once there is content beyond the Bullitten Board (spelling intentional), I thought maybe a Bullitt faq might be a good idea. I try to keep up, particularly with the mechanical issues section, but keeping all the info straight can be challenging. I'm sure that as other Bullitt owners find this site alot of the same questions will wind up being asked. It would be good to have fixes, easy mods, typical dealer response, etc for alot of things.

Listed below are things that I know have been issues, but I'm sure I don't know the "lowdown" on all of them even though I read the forum at least 2 times per day. Some of these things we haven't probably all done enough to even know about trends yet.


Paint issues

Front splash guards

Headlight Lenses

Uneven exhaust pipes

Interior Fit and Finish Issues

Silencer Removal

MAF Screen Removal

Rear Coil Spring issues


Typical 1/4 times and Dyno #s for Bullitts of different levels of modification. (I know this has a forum of it's own, but a chart with some typical results would be neat and informative.)

Modifications known to be great or a waste.

How do our upgraded suspension, brake and exhaust components compare to typical aftermarket upgrades that GT owners are doing themselves, and that mod-happy Bullitt owners may be considering?

Shifter upgrades


Peculiar maintenance oddities

The list could go on.... maybe I'm thinking too big, but maybe not... I lack much of the knowledge, but in making a suggestion like this, I'd certainly be willing to devote some of my own keyboard time if it would help...

Just a thought...

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