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I had e-mailed the dealer that sold me my Bullitt (Wade Ford - Smyrna, GA) about sending me any left over literature they may have on the car. In his reply, the guy mentioned that he had sold the last DHG they had to a guy in Hawaii! The guy just had to have the DHG. The car is paid for and is not being picked-up until October.

I would be interested in hearing stories of how far people went to get their Bullitt. Hawaii to Georgia has to be hard to beat.
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How about Cambridge UK to Salinas CA?
I'd say you're definitely in the running.

Did you have to make any special modifications in order to take the car over to the UK?
I had to swap out the stock tail lamps for the Cobra's (see my post in Bullittproof)because the amber turn signal is required. In addition the those tail lamps are further modified by replacing one bulb on each side for a higher intensity one. This allows me to have the required rear fog lamps. That's everything.
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