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One of the neat things about having this many Bullitt owners is you get to see what is going on with your neighbors Bullitt. For example the 1-2 shift grind. As more and more miles get racked up on the Bullitts we are going to start to experience minor problems. Course some have already had minor and major problems.

I thought it would be a big help for now and even more so, down the road to create a database of fixes.

I created a page and started it off with my only break, so far. It is under my maintenance section titled "Bullitt FIxes"

If you would please email me your fixes and then we can document it for future reference.
As the information grows I will start to break it out into categories.

Thanks for all your help

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Are you using a Mail send for this? It does not make my virus Software vary happey;-). You may want to put up an ASP page that does not require a mail send.


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