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Bullitt gathering in Orlando next Saturday

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Hi everyone!

Next Saturday (Nov 11) is the monthly Mustang meet in Orlando (actually Cassleberry) Do we want to try to see if we can get some Bullitts together? Maybe it won't rain this time...

Let me know if you're interested.

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Had a good time meeting everyone. Glad with all the Central Florida Bullitts we were finally able to get some of us together. Now we have to plan that caravan to the Nats in Tulsa next summer! :D
9mmBullitt said:
Now we have to plan that caravan to the Nats in Tulsa next summer! :D
Hope this come out when they are posted, so here we go with the pics:

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It was terriffic meeting everyone. It's too bad it was too dark for good pictures, but we enjoyed each others company and sharing stories about our cars.

The Central Florida Bullittheads are a great bunch of guys and we look forward to getting together again.
Next event can be the NPD show at Silver Springs. We will plan caravan to it.

See for a copy of the FREE entry application - over 800 cars will enter.
I really wish i coulda come, but i got a killer sinus headache, that should basically be called a migrain. next time though.
I really enjoyed meeting everyone Saturday night. It's always great to put faces and names together. I took two photos of the cars lined up, but they both came out pretty poor. I look forward to meeting up with you guys again. This weekend there's a local autocross event. I'm not competing, but I think I am going to end up in Deland to watch. Anyone else maybe going?

Deland is in my backyard, but if it is this Sat., I am heading to the lakeland area for a big Ohio State/Michigan tailgate and game party. Will you be there Sunday?

Go Bucks
The autocross is Sunday morning. Here's a link to the Central Florida Region SCCA chapter's schedule of events this year. This is the last get together of the calendar year and is a non-point practice event. The competition starts ~10:00am, so I'll probably show up sometime in between 10:30-11:30am I guess.

The directions to the facility are available through clicking on the event. Deland's about a 50min ride for me, but the weather is suppose to be great and I want to get out there and enjoy it!
I'm going to be in Bradenton running this weekend on the Sunday-Runday event. Any of the Central Florida group going to be there?
ill be at the NPD show. i wish i could take 1633 to the autocross thing and get her heart beating around that track.
There's a NPD show this weekend??? Or are you talking about the one in January?
yeah im talkin about the one in january. and if we all cant meet up before the show, when you get through the gates there is a place you can park and wait in side before going into the show.
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