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For some people here there may have been second thoughts about getting the Bullitt. I admit it... I waited almost 20 hours before taking one home. I thought that the Mustang GT was a heck of a value when you look at what you got and what you were paying. So when I read up on the Bullitt with all the enhancements I thought it would be hard to pass up. I went through the Kelley Blue Book site and looked at each manufacture to see what they offered for the 2001 model year. A couple of the things I was looking for was

<LI>ABS brakes, four wheel disk
<LI>Horse Power
<LI>Traction Control

Of course there are many things that different people looked at that drew them to the Bullitt
but I thought the table below was interesting.

AND yes the Subaru is there even though it never had a chance...

How does the Bullitt compare in cost per HP?
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Nice work on the comparison. I would say, based on your chart, the Bullitt was definately worth the money considering the number of GT's and Cobra's produced. I had a '93 Cobra and sold it in '96. I was considering buying a '01 GT or Cobra, but luckily I found out about the Bullitt in the "nick-of-time".

Thanks for confirming my choice.
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