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OK Folks,

Just talked to the MFG;

Here's the price breakdown for the concept jackets I e-mailed them.

In all leather this jacket would be $425.
In the wool / leather it would be $225.
In all cotton twill it would be $165

If we order at least 20 jackets we get the price break below.

All leather - $295
Wool / Leather or Twill / Leather - $195
All Twill or all wool - $145

These were more expensive than I thought. However, they are 1st class and probably more for the die-hard bullitt owner.

I am working on an all twill example that may be more in most people's price range.

At any rate, they're available for those that want them.

I'll have info up on the BULLITT Store soon.


Wade Koch
3.73s, Steeda Tri-Ax
Pro-M 80mm MAF
JBA Cat4ward Chrome Headers
MAC Prochamber
Diablo Chip

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