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"Bullitt" License Plate Available?

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I had the "Bullitt" license plate on my 2001. I was one of the first to go after the new plates. I have since moved to Tallahassee Florida. If any member is interested they might contact the DMV and see if they can get that plate if they want it. I also heard that California was cracking down on anything related to weapons being on a license plate and not issuing them.

On a funny note, I got a ticket mailed to me for not paying the toll on Golden Gate bridge in S.F.. I also got a ticket on the toll freeway down in Orange County for not paying. Other people had a license plate with Bullitt on the front of their cars and that is where the picture was taken and the tickets sent to me. I was able to clear them up very quickly with both agencies. One was a van, and the other was a car that was not even a mustang.

I was not as active as I would have like to have been with the So Cal Bullitt group, but when I did it was fun. Great group of people. I think there might be another Bullitt in Tallahassee, I will have to check that out.

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