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Bullitt Movie Screenplay

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I watched the movie yesterday (for about the 100th time) while a big storm blew through New England. Noticed Chalmer's phone number (DO4-6823) for the first time so I typed it into Google. Up popped a screenplay for the movie. Don't know if it's been posted here before (I searched and could not find it) but if it has please forgive me. Anyway, here's the link to the screenplay in pdf format. It's really pretty cool - lots of stuff you don't necessarily see while watching. I also notice that the end is cut off, ending at the airport instead of with Frank returning to find Cathy sleeping. Anyway, might be nice for those long winter days when the cars are in the garage!
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VERY COOL! THANKS for posting it! (I DID in fact peruse it a few times over this LONG, miserable Winter! : > ) GOOD eye my man...catching Chalmer's Phone ##!! LOL! You deserve an award for that one!! (Next you'll say how many PSI they had in the Bad Guy's Charger's tires for the chase scene! LOL!) :dhg01: :dhg08: I don't care what they say; watching that chase scene for the Millionith time is STILL a million times better than a Royal Wedding ONCE!! LOL!!
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