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Bullitt Movie Trivia

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Some "facts" you may or may not know. Source:


Fans of police movies, and Steve McQueen, will recall right away that this is the name of the fictional San Francisco Detective-Lieutenant played by Steve McQueen in the 1968 classic police movie drama’s of the same name, BULLITT.

This movie is surely memorable for one of the two best car chase scenes in movie history – the other being the chase scene in FRENCH CONNECTION.

It’s also noted for the great car driven by McQueen in his role – a green Ford Mustang. All of us true Mustang aficionado’s are very aware of this fact.

Here’s some other BULLITT movie trivia.

Two Mustangs and two Dodge Chargers were used for the famous chase scene. Both of the Dodges were junked after the filming, as was one of the Mustangs. The other less banged-up Mustang was purchased by a WB employee after all production and post-production was completed. The car ended up in New Jersey a few years later, where Steve McQueen attempted to buy it. The owner refused to sell to him!

The director called for speeds of about 75-80 mph, but the cars (including the ones containing the cameras) reached speeds of over 110 mph. Filming of the chase scene took three weeks, resulting in 9 minutes and 42 seconds of footage. They were denied permission to film on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Mustang's interior mirror goes up and down depending who is driving it – when McQuuen is driving, the mirror is up – and visible; when the stunt driver Ekins is driving, it is down – and not visible.

Steve McQueen based his character on San Francisco Homicide Inspector Dave Toschi, made famous for his work on the Zodiac killings. McQueen had a copy made of Toschi's custom fast-draw shoulder holster. (Buff note: In San Francisco, the investigator’s are called Inspector – NOT Detective).
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Interesting facts. However, how do we explain the dude that was at SF Nats with the claim of having the remaining Charger. He recently had it for sale for (Austin Powers voice) One Million Dollars
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