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I remember seeing a poster that had a picture of a 2001 Bullitt in front and a 1968 Mustang in the backround. Could anyone tell me where I can see a picture of this poster and where to buy it?
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I haven't seen any posters, but I have seen these

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Are these the pictures your Talking About?

And this one....

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Yes, the first one is what I was looking for. Thanks :smile:
As far as I know, I haven't seen that one as a poster. If your looking for some images I haves a few that I could email you.
Green pony. If you could send me a better picture of your first post I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Try looking on Ebay, they have tons of Bullitt items, including at least one car.
try going to*wieck_search
type in bullit and away u go or just then go to public then to bullitt

hope that helps

lot more cool shots there too
I just added some larger photos to my web page, go to the link for Press Photos and then click on the smaller photos with a border around them and it will load a pretty good size image. I have a 1.66 mb file of the one with the 68 in front and the 2001 in the background, but I have not loaded it. I will do that when I get home tonight.
Loaded both of the LARGE photos to the web site. You can go to my site and hit the press photos links or if you just one the big photos you can save the files below

They are like 1.6 mb each.
Hey #388,

When I click on the posted address for both posters only half of the images display. What might I be doing wrong?
Bulllitt2802, just click one link at a time and wait for the pic to fully load. If you click both they will probably not finish loading because they are large files and it takes too long.

I successfully downloaded both, one at a time. Thanks Mid Life!! Nice pictures.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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