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2001 Bullitt Mustang Review
A New Owner's Review of this Nostalgic Stang

By John Norton

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2001 Bullitt Mustang Review
The vehicle looks very clean without the spoiler. The side "C" design, like my old '68, really adds a nice touch as compared to the side-scoops on the GT. You cannot really notice the 3/4" lower height unless you park a Bullitt right next to a GT; and then it is difficult to tell the difference. I did not notice any poor workmanship on trim fits, inside and out, with the exception of a chip on the passenger door handle. Of course, the dealer(s) do not even have the proper touch-up code, not to mention touch-up paint itself!

The rolled exhaust tips really add class to the vehicle as opposed to the straight tip approach to exhaust tips over the past few years. I have original rolled tips on my '67 390 GT and the Bullitt's are just as nice.....but only two less tips than the '67.


The inside of the hood and engine compartment is finished and clearcoated. The engine compartment has a fair amount of room inside, even with the wide 4.6. I was somewhat disappointed with the assembly number "plaque" location. It is a "stick-on" type hologram oval in shape. It is hard to see unless you get right down on it to read. I understand that Ford has stamped the production number somewhere on the frame. This was done to differentiate the real Bullitts from the wannabe Bullitts that will be springing up due to the availability of aftermarket emblems, wheels, etc. I think it will be very hard for someone to fake a Bullitt unless they want to change their "C" pillar and side body scoop area to match the Bullitt's.

I was also disappointed to see that fog lights were not available either as standard or an option. The two holes in the front facia seem very lonely, so, for $300 I am having GT fogs added by the dealer. I also think that Ford should have added, even if fake, side air vents behind the rear window. Now that would be a nice aftermarket goodie. The original '68 GT fastback had them and they are in an area that even a novice could add them!

The appearance overall is very clean and simple.....the way I like it. It is not a gaudy looking vehicle. The wheels are beautiful and the Goodyear Z's handle very well.


When the Bullitt is started you hear a deep throated roar under the car. It seems the 2000 to 2400 rpm range makes it sound its best at low RPM. People do notice when the beast is fired up. The transmission is very smooth and along with the roar of the engine; I get a very distinctive "whine" from the tranny; almost sounds like the old GTO's tranny. The car definitely has torque and does not take long to get up to interstate speed ie. I was entering Interstate 80 near Danville, PA and I assume all entrance ramps are the same length, and halfway down the ramp I was doing 40mph and at that point I could see the upcoming traffic, a huge tandem semi being one of the vehicles right even with me. I dropped it into 3rd and stood on it! After a chirp I found myself at 95mph when I entered the interstate well in front of my trucker buddy. I was and still am impressed with its "guts".

All in all, it handles very well and has plenty of power. Unless one plans on racing the unit, and most will not; I don't see where adding a blower or turbo's would be worth the investment as it has plenty of factory power to have fun in and yet have some ponies left over for the tight situations.


I think Ford has a winner here. It is definately worth the money and if Ford, in the future, markets other Mustang feature cars like the Mach1 or Boss in limited quantities; they will have another winner.

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TwoStang/Vickie, Way To GO!! thanks for posting the 1st Bullitt review of ANY kind that i've seen yet. i like his asessment too! kinda makes us all seem like we knew what we were doing, huh? -LOL
anybody else seen any reviews??

Mus408, did you remove mufflers completely or just some exhaust restriction??

DHG #648

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No,Mystang99. The mufflers are fully intact,just worked on the cats a little to help the flow. Everything still has the as built factory look. The Tri-Ax shifter is on the way,and next mod will be the KarKraft ram-air duct kit.....I hope! The chip mod will be later.

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Thanx Vicki. Danville, Pa. Thats near my neck of the woods. I go by there for my hunting and fishing trips, Wonder who this guy is.

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On 2001-05-27 21:39, qtownbullitt wrote:
Hey Vicki, me again. Would you happen to have the web site and/or e-mail for this article?

Here ya go. I still have it book-marked.
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