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I started the chip install Thursday evening. Removed the computer,a little tricky pulling it out of it's hole. Spent the night CAREFULLY and THROUGHLY cleaning the edge strip contacts,under the plastic cap. Easier to do if you take the complete computer cover off. Friday morning,reinstalled the box,very tricky! Turned the key to ignition,and noticed the cooling fan come on....not normal....went to crank engine,would not fire...NOT GOOD! Called Superchip,PHP was closed,out racing. They said check the chip for good clean connection. Did that,left unit on floor,it worked perfectly! Put it back in it's compartment,it screwed up again!! I then noticed the plastic bracket/holder,that secures the computer,has little or no room for the chip on the top. Removed the holder,real pain,and reinstalled WORKS GREAT NOW! Really feels strong thru the gears,especially part throttle. Hence REMOVE THE WHITE PLASTIC COMPUTER BRACKET. The computer still fits snugly in the compartment.
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That's Great! When are you going back to the Track?

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