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We attended a Mustang and Ford show this past weekend put on by the Mustang Club of Indianapolis. I had entered the Bullitt in the Participant's Choice category for one reason only - all registered cars were allowed to drive around the Indianpolis 500 Raceway track after the show!
We showed up on Sunday about 10:30, registered, picked up our stuff and parked with some other 1999-2001 stangs. Another Bullitt was there, but he had not regestered in the show and another showed up later. All three were DHG, and people flocked to the Bullitts to chat, take pictures and ask questions. I was surprised by the level of interest when Rouschs, Steedas and Saleens were parked right there!
I looked at my participant's choice ballot and it stated that voting ended at 10:00 Sunday. I figured that I had missed a chance to vote, and stuffed the ballot back in the bag. Imagine my surprise when they called my name for third place in the category. The Green Monster had showed up late (in a two day show) and still got enough votes to win third place! I was almost regreting not getting there sooner, but that would mean getting greedy.
After the show, all the cars lined up and drove out on the track to take a lap around the Indy 500. They limited us to 30 mph (can't have everything) but they did let us spread out and move up and down the track. It was soo damned hoopy froopy cool to drive down the main straight between the grandstands and have that strip of bricks pass beneath your tires! All that was in front of us was a bunch of cool Mustangs and fast old Fords. I imagined going about 120 mph faster in a sort of Ford 'dream race'. Cobra Jets, Shelbys, Saleens, and Bullits. Hoo boy, that was cool.
I took pictures going around the track and hope to get them posted.
Take your Bullitts to some car shows this summer, cats! You will meet some great people and everyone seems to really want to see and talk about the Bullitt.
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