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Bullitt test drive

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got a call from my dealer . He wanted to discuss my option at the end of my lease
I went there last night and I found out he just got a black Bullitt
I didn’t have the time to discus to much (had to pick up kid’s from school)
but took appointment for this Friday I will test drive the Bullitt and see if I can
cut a deal on it. I don’t really want to purchase it now but I can weasel out of my lease
I might be interested
I will find out the number and post it later this week
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If you can get out of the lease, shouldn't be a prob. since you will be getting another car. Now's the perfect time. You can probably buy the Bullitt for less than what it costs to lease it.
yea that's what i am afraid

But winter is coming really soon here, and my Bronco II is not ready yet
I don’t mind driving the 99GT for a couple of month this winter
But a new Bullitt! I would be a sacrilege!!!
When the Bullitts are gone, they are gone. Except for the used ones. The Bullitt with 0.0% financing is tough to beat. GO FOR IT. You won't regret it....
I would have to agree, GO FOR IT! What an awesome car. :grin:
well been there today at lunch time
test drove #4019
nice car!!!
My fears are materializing I want one !!! but not in black
I want green !! but I am willing to compromise ($$$$$)
I couldn’t really feel the power different between my GT or the Bullitt except
my GT is more peaky between 3500 and 5000 and the Bullitt is more flat
but again my car I fully broken in and not the Bullitt
Sound is really good
I like the new transition and shifter
Handling is really good
The seat are very comfortable except electric adjusting knobs are really awkward
overall I think for the price Ford is offering a lot of a car
for my personal use this car would be perfect
I have figure-out on paper what I would like to do to my GT if I would to purchase it at the end of my lease
and except for 18” Bullitt type wheel the Bullitt as it all!
If I would purchase the Bullitt, the only mod I would do is L/T header and high-flown cats
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See if the dealer is willing ot work all in your mods in the financing. I was able to get my Vortech financed at 0% financing. If they won't then tell them it's a deal breaker. That way you get all yer mods from the get-go.
If you did not get a chance to really open-up the Bullitt, by this I mean foot to the firewall through 3 gears, I don'think you got the full experience. The car just flies when you mash it to the carpet and the butterflies open all the way. This is where "I" think the Bullitt intake makes the most difference.
Yea i had a chance to open her up
as i said the car handle so good that this probably was the reason I could not see
a big differences with my GT but I can tell you something at 145 (kilometers) this car felt like
I was doing 100 km’s in my old 99GT as far as getting the mod by the dealer forget it! Most of
The dealers here in Quebec are bunch of morons
One owner with a blown up 99GT motor got is warranty refuse because he had a KN filter and ram air install
I brought back my 99GT last year and told then something wrong with the diff they insisted it was rear calipers
They ordered new calipers, after 6month of waiting for the caliper they found out that indeed there was something wrong
with the rear diff! So I don’t think I thrust these guy with modding my car
Go for it, its worth it. I thought I was the only one to think that dealers in Quebec are morons. What part of Montreal do you call home?
Mine is DHG, but the pic you took of black looks awaesome.
Good luck!
Any bets on how long before 99gt posts:

"I got it!!!"

I'm going to say Saturday, 11/3 by 5PM EST


True (Denver Broncos) Blue
Stock... for the time being :wink:

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I'll bet Saturday by 3pm. This is dependant upon how many months are left on his lease though, if it's only one or two, I say he gets it. I also say he should try and get it for 25K, w/ O%, and try and get them to throw in free oil changes for three years!
GO for it you won't be disappointed most of us aren't!
well i hope you guy’s did not bet
the deal is off they are out of there mind! it would cost me $659 a month
that’s $300 more than I am paying now they would not even cut a deal
on the Bullitt, sticker price $37,495 "technically" this car is one year old!
I would have consider maybe if he would have lower the price to around
$32,000 to $33,000 just for fun I got a quote for a full load 2002 GT for 33,000
that without negotiation!

Anyway I still got 4 month of lease on my 99GT and unless they get a sucker
for it, it will still be there in march, but am not giving up yet one yaw or a other
I will have one in spring (there is a couple “use” one on the market now)
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FYI 99GT I paid 32000 for my Bullitt in Ont.

Blk Bullitt #2754
yep that was my own opignon

32000 to 33000 not more
Oh well, once the Bullitt gets in your system, it is hard to shake! :grin:


Black Bullitt #4584
MGW Satin Trim far!
"Bite the Bullitt..."

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Good luck on your final decision.I have enjoyed 399.The curves are smother and the stearing very responsive.It's black and definitely a looker.Draws eyeballs like bees to honey.
i am from Les Cedres, a little town outside of Vaudreuil
i use to deal with Roger Bernard Ford
in Iles Perrot but they closed last summer
(humm wonder why??)
here a pict of the GT if you see me honk!

u can Email me [email protected]

99GT Dark Satin Green
Cobra R Wheel
"C" stripe
Praying to find an orphan DHG Bullitt at end of my99GT lease

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