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Bullitt valve covers

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Has anyone though of the possibility of custom valve covers for our bullitts? It seems to me that one of the really unique items in our cars is the engine. While Ford did provide this engine they didn't do anything to really identifies it. (ie Cobra, Shelby, etc.)

Also, while changing the oil I realized several interesting things about the valve covers. THEY'RE PLASTIC! Is this now common on the Fords and are there been any problems with them? Second, the filler hole is extremely awkward to approach without a funnel or some extenstion nozzle on the oil bottle. Of course, the Mobil 1 bottles have a new cap size and the nozzle I have used for years will not work on them. This is the curse of being an engineer and living with what appears to be the lack of engineering.

Oh well, as the valve covers are plastic it would seem that a mold would not be expensive to produce and maybe they could put a neck on the oil filler.

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There is someone out there that makes carbon fiber valve covers for the 4.6L and the do look awesome but they're expensive. $1400.00 for the set. "Cha-ching".

You might be able to find them archived on

I was thinking of a set of aluminum covers. Does anyone make them for the 4.6?
The $1400.00 for the carbon fiber is a little steep (I wonder if you can get them without the gold plating- ha, ha). If I were going to spend that much I would put it into many of the performance enhancing suggestions that have been made on this website.

Aluminum is always the good standard, now if we could find a manufacture who thought there was enough of a market to do the tooling for a run.
The 4.6 2V engines have had the plastic covers since day one. I had read of a company,a while back,that was flash chrome plating the stock covers. I don't know how they would last,peeling,over the long haul. Yes,a nice pair of cast aluminum covers would look great! Maybe some day!!
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