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Bullitt vs. Camaro comparo!

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Hey everyone, compared the cars.

Check it out,

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Doh! You spoiled it for me!

The Camaro was a consideration but it didn't meet my criteria...
The car has to last longer than my financing.
Is it just me, or does it seem as though these people aren't getting all these cars have to offer. I haven't seen 0-60 times like that for the Z-28 since the mid 90's, and the last 5.0 Cobra (1995) was doing it 5.9 seconds. The 1/4 mile times seem about right for both cars though.

Also, as far as their opinions of the brakes, I find it hard to belive that the Z-28's brakes offer the kind of repeatability of the Bullitt's Brembos. Afterall, isn't that what good braking is all about.

Did anyone read last month's Motor Trend article about the Cobra and the SS? What's up with MT's 0-60 times for the Cobra. Mid 5's!?!?!?! C&D wrangled 4.8 seconds to 60 when they tested the Cobra.

Who teaches these guys how to drive?

Dfresh (DHG 294)
I think one of the Edmunds editors bought a Bullitt for his personal use. He's posted here before. I wonder if they used his for the test? Seems like they would have had a hard time finding one to test now that almost all of the new ones are sold.
Damn, now if Ford would just give the Mustang equal engine displacement as the Camaro/FBird.

Oops, they don't have to as the C/F cars are gone. HeHeHe....

Just dreaming now, I want a Bullitt/Mustang with a Lightning motor, from the factory at a reasonable cost.

Back to reality, this article states what we already knew. I'll still take the Bullitt over the bowtie products and over the Cobra.
I thought the review was pretty fair. Obviously the Mustang was the winner! The review of the stereo was also good. The point is that Ford,with all it's flaws, is still putting $$ into the Mustang. GM is lacking in that area...the Camaro's are no more! As I tell my friends, look at the Camaro and look at the Mustang, The Mustang is obviously the COOLEST of the comparison..Love the Bullitt and actually feel sorry for the Camaro..

Coming from someone who has owned both cars (LS-1 and LT-1) and now a Bullitt, I can honestly say that the article was well done. They hit the key points bang on. I got rid of both cars for many of the reasons listed. It's nice to see that I wasn't that far off in making my decision.

Paul G.
One flaw in their test, though it would not have changed the results, is that the Camaro they tested was an automatic. So strictly speaking, it was not apples to apples. Judging by how in love they were with RS/X, et. al, I'm guessing a 6spd Z-28 would have made them fill their drawers. The best article I have read and one I actually agree with, however.
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