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The other day my son, who owns a VR6 VW GTI, pulled up next to me at the stop sign. I could tell by the look in his face he wanted a piece of the green machine. I was happy to oblige. When we took off I we both suffered some pretty good tire spin with mine starting to torque a little sideways, with the traction control button in its best position-OFF. Anyway he was staying with me as long as I was spinning the tires. I finally got the throttle feathered enough to get some bite. I then shifted to 2nd and got a little more wheel spin. I started to pull away, naturally. But he still thought he had a chance to get some of that green machine. I wound up 2nd and then hit 3rd getting a nice chirp from the tires. I then saw the smile leave his face as I severely pulled away. When we got to the house he came up to me very humbled. He said "I thought I was doing pretty good until I heard you hit 3rd gear. Then I knew I was just kidding myself." He had never heard a car get third gear scratch before. He now worships the green machine, as he should.
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