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Bullitt vs. WS6

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On saturday afternoon I had just picked up my g/f from work when I saw a black WS6. We were both first at the red light so I told my g/f to hold on tight. When the light turned green I spun the tires really bad, and he got way ahead of me. We hit another red light and the passanger (his wife) roles down and window and tells me that she also has a black bullitt so I asked him to race again. The light turned green and I spun the tires really bad again and he beat me (im not used to racing cars that actually give me a challenge, so im not that good at taking her off the line). Then furtunally we hit another red light and we raced again this time I took 1067 perfectly off the line and we were neck and neck and once I hit 3rd I started to pull away just about an inch or so, we were going about 110-120mph when we had to slow down do to traffic. I rolled down my window and told the wife about bullittclub. The driver was way cool and he was not a jerk about beating me those first two times. I think the bullitt did really well against the ws6 consedering that how bad ass the WS6 are supposed to be.
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WS6 supposed to be bad ass, they are bad ass!!
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