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A number of us, both from "management" and the normal user base, have noticed a number of threads getting to the point of being argumentative at best, or down right hateful at worst. Now I know that we try not to limit people's comments, or delete posts, unless it is from someone obviously "anti-bullitt" or looking for a fight. This isn't a public forum, and just like a real car club, if you are some LS1 rowdy, and you come in during a meeting and scream about how the mustang sucks, you gonna get tossed out on the sidewalk. :wink:

But my point in this post is to ask everyone to please try and watch the tone and the way we treat one another. The founders do not want this site to become like the BlueOvalNews Forums, where the constant attacks drove off good people, with good information.

The reason BC was started, was as a way for those who were getting assaulted for liking or wanting the Bullitt. A place for those people to be among kindred spirits. We need to stick together, try to understand our differences, and respect those differences. We are all basicallly the same on here.. Bullittheads!

I think that the stuff going on in the news has worn on all of us. The stress and fear many of us are feeling right now is also wearing our patience, and I think that most of us have been a bit jumpy, and short to anger. This is another reason that we should all stick together, much greater than being fellow Bullittheads, we are fellow americans (US and Canadian), and if there is a time in our lives when US citizens need to stick together, and when we need to be even closer friends with our buds up north, it is now!

One of the reasons I created the complaint area is to give folks who are frustrated with Ford, or their car, a place to speak out, but still allow those who are 100% happy with the car to avoid reading these posts as needed.

I don't want to sound sappy, but we really need to keep finding common ground here. Arguments about Bullitts, or how to get Ford's attention on our problems, or who got what can still be discussed, but lets try and keep it more civil. We owe it to ourselves, the car, and to our countries.

A house divided cannot stand, and the same holds true for Bullittclub (there, now THAT was sappy).

Anyway, thanks, and I hope this post made some impact, and was taken in the postive light in which I meant it. I consider each one of you friends, and I want things to stay that way.


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