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Bullitt's in Northern CA

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Are there any other Bullitt owners in the Bay Area?

I have yet to see another Bullitt on the street in the South Bay. I know my dealer sold three, but I don't know if they were sold locally or to people out of the area.

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I just purchased my DHG Bullitt in the Fremont area. I too have not seen another one. First Mustang I have ever owned and by far the most powerful car I have owned.
Hey Guys,
Picked up my DHG on June 26th from Broadway Ford. Saw a Bullitt last week on my way home from Livermore on 580. Could have that been you debullitt? Love this car!!!
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Livermore?, yep!! thats my backyard. It most likely was me, since I have not seen another one anywhere in the Bay Area yet.
Just bought a bullitt in the north bay, Sebastopol, BUT at 65 miles I noticed an engine oil leak. Ford mechanics diagnosed as a blown head gasket; they are replacing the whole engine. So, its at the dealer until they get it right. Its frustrating. Any problems with yours? How about a bay area bullitt get together scheduled(before the weather gets yucky)? I hopefully will be driving it in the next 2 weeks.

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Sounds good to me. Just name the place and time and I will try to be there.

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Ditto! :cool:

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I would be up for a Bullitt get together.

Who wants to take the ball and roll with it?


What does everyone think about getting all of the local Bullitts to make a trip to the city and snap a few pics for those on this site who don't have easy access to the scene of the crime!

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Well, I'm hopefully gonna pick mine up sometime next week. Walnut Creek Ford is expecting delivery of 3 next week, and one's mine (the other 2 are also sold).

A get-together would be cool... Unfortunately, I'm kinda tied up with some other auto events over the next few weekends.

If you like Mustangs, then check out Nor-Cal Shelby's Mini-Nats over Labor Day at Sear's Point. This is the biggest event of the year, and there's always a huge turn-out. I'll be there with my wife, my son and some friends for a car show and a couple of days of open track. Check it out:

I live in Fremont (work in San Jose), yet get to Pleasanton/Dublin area every Saturday.

See ya,
Randy R...
Cobra 427

I work in Fremont and live in San Ramon, hope to see you around soon. I work off of Brown Road, near the Warm Springs and Mission Blvd intersection in Southern Fremont.

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San Ramon, CA.
I've read on this site for some time now, but have not posted yet. I live in the South Bay, work in Palo Alto, and have Black Bullitt #160.
I'll be looking for you IBNR.

I live in South San Jose and commute to work in Sunnyvale. Although most of the time I am going stealth in my Isuzu Trooper. I only drive the Mustang to work maybe once or twice a week. So if you see a Silver Isuzu Trooper chasing you through traffic don't be alarmed, well maybe only a little alarmed :smile:

A small nit to pick here... since when is the S.F. Bay Area equivalent to "Northern California"? Last time I checked there was a lot of northern CA that was outside of the Bay Area.

I have seen two other Bullits locally:
[*]A DHG in Folsom getting together with a very bright red 'original' vintage Mustang "Bullitt". Unfortunately they got away before I could circle back.
[*]Another in Roseville which I think is bad guy black. I showed him the gas cap side of life and did not get so much as a throttle blip.
As for me... you may see true blue #3440 running around the general Roseville area.
The bay area is simply part of Northern California.

I used a broad area as the subject because I was afraid if I specified to small an area it may not apply to anyone.

Roseville isn't that far away, but I still consider it Central Northern CA. Not to nit pick :smile:

I saw a Bullitt parked in the shade in front of the Colrox facility in Pleasanton today @ about 5PM...

Counting the days,
Randy R...
Cobra 427:
can anyone just show up at Sears Point to participate? How much does it cost?

Hey Ron,

Admission is free and open to anyone who is enthusiastic about Shelbys :wink:

Check out the link in my previous post for event times and such.

The car show, open track events, and (I believe) the parade laps all require previous registration, but admission is free and open.

I'll be there all 3 days with my blue/white striped Superformance Cobra (car w/#582 on the sides). So, stop by and introduce yourself...ok?

Have Fun,
Randy R...
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Hey Randy,
I going to be there on Sunday, I'll keep an eye out for you.
I am going to try and get out there on Saturday around noon time if I can.

DHG #3463; stock
San Ramon, CA.
01785 is located just south of Fresno. I believe I'm the only one in the San Joaquin Valley. I called all the ford dealerships from Modesto to porterville and could only find one, #01785, my DHG.
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