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Bullitt's in Northern CA

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Are there any other Bullitt owners in the Bay Area?

I have yet to see another Bullitt on the street in the South Bay. I know my dealer sold three, but I don't know if they were sold locally or to people out of the area.

[email protected]
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Here are a few photos of me from last weekend at Mini-Nat's (Sear's Point).

Have Fun,
Randy R...
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Very Nice Cobra 427, I wish I had been feeling up to getting out there that weekend, but came down with the flu bug. Keep us abreast of any other local events you are a part of.

DHG #3463
San Ramon, CA.
Hey Mike,

Sorry you weren't feeling well...

The next Nor Cal Shelby open-track event is 10/13 & 14 at Thunderhill.

BTW, the white, late model Mustang Cobra that was following me has the Grigg's suspension. Tho he couldn't out power me in the passing zone, he definitely out-handled me in the corners. After about 3/4 of lap behind me, I pointed him by in the next passing zone. The Red Mustang is a Roush (sp?) stage III Mustang (2000 or 2001) - he didn't seem to run as well as the Grigg's Cobra.

Have Fun,
Randy R...

P.S. I need to save some $$, so I can add mods to my Bullitt :wink:

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hey, #1108 here. Live in oakland, work in fremont. yeah, i heard about the event at sears, but was on vacation in cancun. pretty rough... i've seen a few other bullitts in the area though, but still feel like mine is unique... anyway, i'll keep my eye out for future events (btw, i plan aon a saturday trip to sac one day soon, so if anyone is interested it'll probably be in about two weeks).
WOW!! Killer car Cobra427. I love to see the cars used as they where intended, not just going to shows.
dang, getting homesick reading your posts. Born & raised CA, moved to GA '91. '64 thru'86 was in Walnut Creek. Ygnacio blvd was 2 lanes that flooded in the winter...used to race dad's 63 studebaker avanti over the pass into concord. Spanked every pimple faced kid in Mach 1's, superbee's, camaro's and such in that car...but was always replacing head gaskets blown by the blower too. I love my Bullitt, but wish I still had that hunk of fiberglass.
I also work in Sunnyvale, but haven't seen another Bullitt around yet...only a couple SVT's (and a load of 6 cyls).

OH and runningforyou
I bought my Bullitt at Bob Silva Ford in Chowchilla. #899's been known to cruise around Visalia from time to time :wink:

Bullitt #899 (Green)

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I'll keep a look out when I'm in Visalia. I'm usually in Hanford or Lemoore, but travel from work down grangeville to 99 then to Tulare where I work. So you may possibly see me on 99 one day. That'll be cool to have another BULLITT to pull up next to me on 99.
Hey guys....I just got my Bullitt, and have seen only one other on the freeway stuck in traffic just like me. It was True Blue same as mine, and still had dealer plates on just like I do.
I live in Fremont and commute to North San Jose in my Bullitt everyday.

Would definitely be up to a Bullitt gathering, but I don't care too much for S.F.
I purchased Bullitt #3946 from San Bruno Ford last Sunday and drove it off the showroom floor. Commuting daily in the Bullitt from Daly City to Hayward and have not seen another one yet.

I live in the East Bay and have DHG #117. So who is going to organize an event?!
I've finally seen a couple more Bullitt's in the Sunnyvale area...

Two black ones. One still had dealer plates. Both were seen right around the 237/101 interchange.

I would be up for organizing an event,
but I don't know if this is the best
time of year for that.
Look outside! Maybe we should hold off
until spring comes back around???

If I took this many of you would
be interested?
I bought my Bullitt in Richmond. I live in San Leandro and work in the San Jose area. I have only seen 2 Bullitts, 1(DHG) parked at the Union Landing shopping center in Union City and the other(Black) driving on 280S a few weeks ago.
We're putting together a Bay Area Bullitt gathering in early December. If you're interested please email me:

[email protected]

DHG #117
Wanted: Dark Green 1968 390 GT Fastback for documentary film!!!

We're looking for a dark green '68 Fastback to use in our documentary film about the Steve McQueen film "Bullitt." We'll be filming in San Francisco at the end of the month, and we'd like to film the car for one day and interview the owner as well. We won't drive the car--we're just looking for a real expert who loves to talk about his car and won't mind showing it off for the camera!
Dave Kunz out of LA has a replica that Ford used in SF for their promo shoots. He does automotive reports for one of the TV station there.
Hello all.

I purchased Blue Bully #5464 in Santa Rosa. Go 0% financing!

I got him on the Registry already!!!! Welcome Charles!

Bay Area Bullitt Owners are meeting 12/2/01

We have 12 confirmed Bullitt owners that are going, so please email me if you are [email protected]

Meeting details:
*Date: December 2, 2001, Sunday(Only if it doesn't rain)
*City: San Leandro
*Time: 9:00 a.m.
*Place: El Torito restaurant parking lot
5 San Leandro Marina
San Leandro CA 94577
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