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Bullitt's round mirror

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Hi all

I am new to the forum and found this site while searching the web.

A friend of mine is building a 68 Bullitt clone but we are having a hard time to find information about the side mirror used on Steve McQueen's Mustang.

Some sources says it is a mirror taken from a 65/66 Mustang but it doesn't look the same at all. The one used on Chad's clone in the other hand looks like a perfect match.

Does anyone know where it could come from?

Thank you.

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This is my first post. My Welcome thread is here. Please post all my welcome messages there.

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From Dave Kunz: Probably a cheap mirror from a parts store. His concern was the visibility. There are some horrible blind spots on a 68 fastback and a mirror of that type heightens them.
Strange. Dave has never struck me that way. When I have talked with him he is always gracious and answers my emails quickly and is very sincere in wanting to help. I think all that were at the talk during the SF nats would say the same thing. Not sure whats up with that experience.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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