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I finally got and washed the car today- to my dismay I see numerous tiny chips in the paint on the side scoop. I am scratching my head over this (did I burn 'em in reverse... no.) until I remember I drove up to Oregon several weeks ago- they laid down friggin lava or sand on the road (had been snowing earlier). I guess the front tires threw it back to this impact area. This blows. I hate Oregon now.
I guess the only thing to do is body shop, or is there something else? You can't notice it unless you look closely, but you know that doesn't help one bit.
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You might want to try that "As seen on TV" colored wax (I have a black bullitt, so I got black). It won't hurt the clearcoat, and I use it to cover my little hairline scratches and door dings. It works great on mine! I don't know where you can get them though, because mine was given to me by my fiancee's father.
Badkharma-can you find out more about that colored wax? It sounds like a great thing to have handy.
I saw Turtle Wax colored wax at Pep Boys.
It came with a "chip stick" which appears
to be a colored crayon, which is rubbed on
the scratch or chip to fill it in. COOOL!
I don't know if it works but sounds good
to me. I would try it. It comes in many
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