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DeesBullitt said:
I'm new to the forum and the Bullitt - joined both just this past week. How do you all protect your bumpers and the leading edge of the hood from chips? Mine spends 30 miles on the interstate every day - don't want the front-end looking like my F150.
I immediatley had the 3M Clear Mask applied by the Dealer's 3M subcontractor to the front bumper cover, lower portion of the hood & front of each fender, mirror covers, door edges, rocker panels, and top of rear bumper cover as wide as the trunk opening. They were supposed to add it to the headlight lens but did not. I later read where DOT doesn't allow anything on headlight lenses.

Wasn't sure if I would like it but a) I wanted protection due to rocks and bugs, and b) I'll never use a regular bra/mask again due to paint discoloration. Well, I LOVE the Clear Mask. You can't even see it until you are up close to the car. A Certified 3M installer cost a bit more but it comes with a 5 yr. warranty.

As fate would have it, I have a slight rock chip on the leading edge of the hardtop just behind the black rubber above the windshield. Should have put about a 4" strip up there. Besides rocks, bugs stick there too.
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