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Burn 'em video

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You will need to "right click, save as" to view this video of me cleaning the tires(2.4 MB). Feel free to upload it to any video sites.'s+Photo+Album!!!!!/Bullit-small.mpg?bcLKIX8AqbPcxMCa
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Right click on the Link, select "Save Target As...".
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On 2001-12-03 22:52, BullittMike wrote:
Hmmm, right click doesn't work for me. Is it still available?


That's weird, all the files on my Yahoo Briefcase are corrupted. Hmmm I need to find a hosting site.
Sorry about that, I guess Yahoo doesn't like Mpegs in the Photo Album.

Here is another link, but it bombs out after so many users access it.'s+Photo+Album!!!!!/Bullit-small.mpg?bcLKIX8AqbPcxMCa
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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