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Who do we have here from Calgary? I bought mine at Woodridge. DHG #1718
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Bullitt 1958 Universal

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I'm from Calgary as well but don't have a Bullitt - I bought my true blue Cobra from Advantage.
Not from Calgary, but Medicine Hat.
Bought mine Wednesday at Welcome Ford
Fort Saskatchewan #04008.
#1418 Black and Beautiful.

Looking for some proper Spring weather to emerge from hibernation!
Hi fellow bullittheads it's sure nice to see some western bullitts on this site and what better place for mustangs to be than out in the wild west.I noticed # 1418 isn't registered on the main registry yet?so let them have your # if your interested.
Trigger, I got it on the Registry! Welcome to the club Victor 39!
Off topic for this section, but since you all are here, have any of you used these spacers everybody is talking about? They sure seem to look good, where would we buy them? Where have you guys gone for any mods on your Bullitts - Western Motorsports? I am not looking for any major modifications, but some shopping might be in order.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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