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calling Mike/Bullitt01...funny story

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Was at the Mall of GA tonight...and had a love note on my windshield when I came back.
It was addressed to Mike, so I thought it might be you...but you have a DHG, mines TB.
Note: "Hey Mike from RW! You are so fine, we loved watching you in action. Good luck with racing! Love, the girls in the yellow and orange sweaters!"
Needless to say, I scoured the Mall for Miss Yellow and Miss Orange...I'll be a Mike for a night! hee hee
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That's funny!
But I don't know anyone that matches that description either!!!

Perhaps it was another Bullitt owner that was passing through the MOG area on his way to Commerce?

What would have been really bad, is if my wife had been driving the car to her job at Dillards and found that note. I would STILL be in the dog house.

I was running with a lightning on the way to commerce friday night and passed 2 girls in a jeep, one had a yellow sweeter, I know this because when i got stuck in trafic they ended up beside me, i dont know how, i was doing mach 3 when i passed them, could have been my cusin as well his name is mike and I am at his place all the time, I let him pretend dhg2321 is his everyonce in a while
:lol: :lol: THAT would have been funny had wife found note!!!
I figured the same as you...a bunch of Bullitt's were headed up to Commerce Friday night, but I don't know what "...from RW" means. Anyway, damn my luck in missing them, I would have been happy to take 'em racing.
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