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Camp Steeda Sebring May 27-28

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Hello Everyone, its that time again the track guys Camp Steeda weekend at Sebring. I know Bill will be there and I have spoken to Matt and he will be attending. I am not sure which day I will be there or if I am even going to be able to do the track time. got a few things going on and money is a little tight. Rick is talking about going on Sunday as it is graduation weekend for him again. but we will know more later. I may just do the test track to get one session in if I cant swing the whole day. Who else will be making the trip out to play on a hot weekend in Florida.
Pandora will be sporting her new wheels and Toyo proxie tires and we may even get the rear suspension redone by then. he is looking at BMR rear lower and upper control arms and sway bar. but time will tell. until then hope to see everyone out there. even if you cant do the track time it is a great facility and a great day spent with Friends watching some fun on the track. hope to see everyone there.:nerd2:
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Susan and I will be at Sebring for the weekend. We are looking forward to seeing our FL Bullitthead friends there. Not sure if going to do the drag racing on Friday night. May have a nice dinner at Chicanes instead. Get ready for Saturday. Nice martini.

BLLTT will have new hooves for Sebring, BFG Sport Comp 2 in 275-35 on 9.5x18 FRPP rims. The last hooves, BFG Sport Comp 2 in 275-40 on the same rims, got 20 road course track days and many thousand miles to and from the tracks since October 2015. Going to the lower profile for the turns. But have cautioned Susan that the highway ride may be rougher...

As a road course track addict, I encourage and challenge any Bullitthead dreaming about driving their Bullitt at speed to say "WTF", pull the trigger and sign up for Sebring. TrackGuys runs excellent events with great instructors. The Bullitt is made to run and in the base form can handle the track. I ran my first time at Sebring with Michelin AS3 tires (yes, all season) and ceramic pads. Yes, I did upgrade to DOT 4 brake fluid. Sebring will challenge you, kick your ass the first day, you will come back day 2 and end with a fulfilled glow.

You will run your Bullitt on the same track Steve McQueen drove. Ok, the surface has aged a few years since...

Pandora will love Sebring. Matt will experience a new level in his 08 since his racing days. Tim, get that Snake there.

Hollowpoint, where are you?
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I talked to Dell Hughes of TrackGuys at Texas World Speedway in March. TrackGuys is trying to break even at Sebring. It is a long way from their Midwest base. Sebring is a pricey track and their rate is low. We have to support them for their yearly excursion to FL! Otherwise they will stop Camp Sebring. Could be now!

Other than VIR, where is a track with a hotel on property in the SE? You can bring the family and they can enjoy the cool hotel/pool while you are driving/sweating the track? Then a good dinner/martini in the evening!

You have already tasted Sebring. And the taste is lingering. But you have not truly driven Sebring. Now Drive your BULLITT at Sebring for the weekend. You will have a glow when you leave!

Enough said. Sebring!
Microphone drop.
TrackGuys cancelled Camp Sebring today. Lack of early registrations.
Dell Hughes indicated that they probably will not try again.
End of an era. Krap!!!

I'm depressed and in withdrawal.
I'm in mourning tonight.

But Brian and I commiserated for 99 minutes. The sun will still rise...Truth at first light!


May 13- The FIRM track day. A short drive for all.
June 3,4- Sebring with NASA HPDE.
July 14-15- MCA Hoofbeats at the Track, AMP, which is Friday/Saturday and then Bullitts off to the Tail of the Dragon for Sunday. We like this... could grow.

When given lemons, make lemonade.
Carpe Diem
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That PDG event 06-18 conflicts with something else I have planned.

So, I joined NASA and signed up for their Sebring HPDE event 06-03/04.
Being new to NASA, they require you to sign up for both days and start in Novice-instructed group. This is OK with me, because learning and developing driving skills is HPDE.

Base cost is $475 for 2 days, no upcharge for instructor and 4 20-30 minute sessions each day. Garage is $50 for weekend.

Before registering, I emailed NASA my HPDE record. They responded with a $50 registration discount and a free garage.

I am going to get my needed Sebring fix...
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