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Can I cut a section out of my springs

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I like the way my Bullitt sits in the front,I would like to lower the rear some.Can I just cut a section out of my stock springs to lower it some.Thanks,

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Only if you have access to an oxy/acetylene set with rosebud, and then reshape the cut end...

I think it's not worth the trouble. Buy a set of springs for around $200, and just do the rear. From what I understand, the Vogtland GT500 springs will lower the front just a small amount, but lower the rear around an inch or so...

I'm of the opinion that any 'playing' with springs is a HUGE no-no.

Springs are heat treated and tempered in a very specific manner, and any time you add heat over a couple hundred degree you risk weaking the spring considerably. It could go one of two ways; you'll make the spring soft and it will no longer support the weight of the car properly and you could end up bottoming it out on really light bumps, or you could make the spring brittle and it could snap at the first decent bump you hit.

Either way, you risk really screwing up the ride of the car and risking serious damage or even a crash.

For the price of a set of springs, it's more than worth it to me compared to what could happen.
get new ones for the performance and for the peace of mind while you are behind the wheel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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