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I was at a dealership getting an oil change and went into the showroom.
I was appoached by a salesman and I asked him about the Bullitt.
He said they had just ordered one (for the dealership). He didn't have a final price- but said he would call me back later in the day.

So my car is ready and I head home. The phone rings a few hours later. It's the salesman. He's not sure if he can order a second Bullitt (remember there are only 700 coming up here and there are 400 Ford dealers). He said if they can order a second one it won't be available until May. I'm assuming that Ford is going to make sure that all dealers can get at least one before they build and ship a second one to dealerships.
They then tried to sell me a GT500 that is on the showroom floor- $57,000. No thanks I said, I've got another dealership that is looking after me.

I then called dealership I had been working with. They still can't get final pricing- the order banks aren't showing it yet. I told the guy to go ahead and put the order in. I got DHG, anti-theft and locking wheel nuts.
Here in Canada SAT radio comes packed with the Shaker 500 or 1000. I don't think you can get ambient lighting- in Canada that is all packaged with My Color and the Interior Upgrade package.

So what's the point of this post? If you're in Canada and want a Bullitt I suggest you find a dealer and order one. I'm sure they will go fairly quickly. I still might be able to get one later on in the year- but if you really want one- I wouldn't take the risk.
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