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My club is hosting the MCA Grand National next year. We want to make it a really GRAND experience.
Would you mind answer a few questions for me about your car show experiences? It's long, just answer what you feel strongly about. Feel free to PM or email me.

1. How much is too much to pay for registration at a weekend event? Most we went to this year were in the $50 range. But some included free food and free t-shirt. Where do you draw the line. How much would keep you home?
2. What about the dinner and entertainment? Would you prefer free hot dogs or pay for a nice sit down with entertainment? Again, how much is enough to keep you away.
3. Raffles and door prizes? How important are they to your enjoyment of the event?
4. Do you enjoy things like DJs? Singers/clowns, comedians, Trivia contests, etc?
5. Is it important to include kid activities?
6. How important are vendors to your enjoyment of the weekend? Do you look forward to seeking t-shirts, memorabilia, parts etc.
7. Do you go through your goodie bag at the show? Or do you find it in the trunk of your car still unopened at the next show you attend?
8. What about all the advertising? Do you look at or keep the brochures, fliers, catalogs you receive at the show?
9. You win an award, but it's one of those pressed board plaques or plastic stand-ups with fake marble base. Does it matter? Are you still excited or disappointed?
10. Is the presence of magazine photographers/journalists, Television crew, automotive celebrities a significant attraction?
11. Does the tourist factor of the site matter? Other stuff to see and do besides car show related activities.
12. Would you prefer the weekend is fully planned out with activities or would you rather have a free evening on your own?
13. Do you like driving events - Pony Trail cruises and/or racing? Or would you prefer your car stays put all weekend?
14. If the club says profits go to charity, does that make a difference in how much you spend or whether you attend? One sponsor told me he doesn't want to support an event giving to charity. He could make his own direct charitable contribution.
15. Tell me one thing that makes for a really nice, memorable event. What would make you travel hundreds or even over a thousand miles to attend an event?
16. On the flip side, what spoiled an event for you?

Hearing your opinions, experiences would be helpful.

Joyce E.

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I enjoy going to see friends and enjoy the experince.... But will try to tell you how I feel about you questions;

1) $50.00 for weekend event seems fair I've payed more and less, depending on the show (national verses local) Free food will win me over everytime

2)Depends, by the end of the day I'm ready to lay down for while, I did enjoy a MCA show in Washington DC where the host Hotel waas the show sight and you could detail your car go shower and nap then go to the set down and put on a feed bag and it wasn't bad.... Most times I'm dead and just want to relaxe.

3) Kay likes them, I don't.... I hardly ever buy any raffle tickets, but Kay does.

4) Yes, same PA system, I find useful for aouncments

5) Yes keep the little beggers away from my car

6) I like vendors... I enjoy seeing whats for sell and uselly buy something

7) Some times

8) Yes

9) depends.... Local show I spent less money, I expect cheap award, National event, I expect a nice award, because I have spent more and expect more

10) I get a kick out of seeing my car on TV or in a Magzine.... So yes

11) Yes!

12) yes and no

13) Yes I like the driving events (I watch the racing, and attend the pony trails)

14) Nope

15) getting to see my Car friends! Just like the Bullitt Nationals is family event, I get to see my IMBOC family

16) Particpant voting/judging I will not attend one, I spent hours cleaning and Thousands of $$$ preparing my car, I expect a Judge/s to inspect my car for more than 1 second...

I hate the LMA class in MCA because (I Believe) that it runs new members to MCA off because they spent just as much money entering a show as everyone else and because they don't have large enough group of buddies to vote for their car (or 16year old daughter with short shorts, asking for votes from old fat guys) don't get judged and don't even get considered for an award. Thats one of the reasons I hadn't attended a MCA event until this years OK city event

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1. For a local show, $10 bucks is plenty. For a regional, $25 to $35. For a Grand National, $50 sounds acceptable, but is pretty much the limit. Free food and a t-shirt should absolutely be included at the regional level and above.

2. Our local club here hosts a free pizza party for participants of the show at the site on the first night. After that you're on your own. One year, there was a dinner at a "club", which was basically a dimly lit upstairs room with a bar and loud music. I'd rather have gone to Hooters. Plenty of entertainment there! Outdoor grilling is always acceptable; burgers and hot dogs and beverages.

3. Raffles and door prizes are nice, but not a deal breaker. Silent auctions are excellent for the more coveted items.

4. DJ's aren't that big a deal. Canned music works; you can interrupt it for important announcements. It's not like anyone is there for dancing, is it?

5. Activities for the kids are a great idea. Just give them a large air-conditioned space with video games, and let the adults go look at the cars. That way you don't hear, "I'm bored! My legs hurt! Will you buy me that? It's hot!" Give them an all-day pass to Chuck E. Cheesehell. Or one of those inflatable bouncy castles. A really big one.

6. Vendors are absolutely necessary. I can't imagine a show without one being worth anything.

7. The goodie bag gets a once-over, but if it's pencils with business logos or flyers for restaurants, it's worthless to me. And I have enough keychains and cozies, thank you. The things I find useful are the sample size auto cleaning products. Those are nice.

8. I grab free catalogs whenever I think it's something I might like, as well as magazines, usually from the vendors, or off the registration table. Fliers, not so much.

9. I don't care what the award looks like. It's secondary to the reason I go anyway.

10. I don't care about celebrities or whether magazine staff show up. Again, not why I'm there.

11. Touristy stuff is good. Because at least part of the day, you'll have to waste at some pathetic theme park, just so the kids won't drive you absolutely around the bend. They think it's "fun". You think it's the price of a set of tires shot to Hades. Everybody wins. It doesn't have to be Disney, just a water park or go carts.

12. You can try to plan my weekend, but I guarantee I won't make every event. Sorry.

13. I have no experience with driving events, so I can't really comment on that.

14. I think that all car clubs should be charitable organizations. Lets face it, if you can afford all this, you should be able to give something back to the community that supports it. Frankly, your "sponsor" sounds like an arsehole.

15. I don't see me driving hundreds of miles to any event. Two to three hours in any one direction is my limit. I have three kids. The logistics of dragging all of them in the chaser van, driving the entry car, and all the accompanying chaos of a multi-day drive, is more than I can deal with.

16. I've never had an event spoiled for me. I suppose my expectations aren't very high. I just like to look at the cars, pick up a few trinkets, relax and chat with others about all things Mustang, and catch up. If you want to spoil it for me, try to bring politics or religion into it. That'll do it every time. The only other thing I've ever disliked about shows is the price of admission some charge for non-participants. As one of my co-workers puts it, "Why would I pay money to look at Mustangs? Those things are a dime-a-dozen!" And he sort of has a point. If you want to encourage people to come by and hopefully get infected by the Mustang mania, it helps if they don't have to pay for parking, and if the looking is cheap. Or better yet, free.

There you have it. I am probably not your typical attendee/participant, being somewhat of a curmudgeon and a cheapskate. For a Grand National, there should probably be more going on that what I've outlined, maybe a little more bling or something. Oh, and you should raffle off a car. Seriously. A nice PJ Saleen should be all the celebrity you need. :)

Good luck with your show! And have fun.

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Thank you JR and RS. I appreciate the time and thought you put into answering.

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1. $50 is tops and should include a nice dash plaque and a Hot Dog-Soft Drink "Meet and Greet" Friday night. Keep it free to the registered with a couple tickets in the goody bag. all
2. As a rule, I skip the banquettes
3. 50/50's and give aways are enjoyed by all.
4. Music and announcements are standard.
5. 95% of the kids are spectators' and some lack supervision needed around the cars.
6. Vendors are a good thing. More car stuff than Artsy Crafty.
7. I always pick through them. Keep the weird stuff and toss a lot of it.
8. I look for a souvenir show booklet, toss the rest.
9. MCA groups are creative. Each is unique. All of last years were good. But Augusta's was a glass beauty and it fell victim to a fast moving cat. Broke my heart. No glass plaques, please.:tongue:
10. Recognition for the time you spend getting your car "up" is a good thing.
11. Maybe it's just me, but I'm usually hanging around my car. A lot of people are off and running and out of sight all weekend.
12. I think Saturday at your venue will be a highlight. Even after the cars leave, I think everyone will be downtown.
13. Not really, some times they turn into traffic jams.
14. No, I just spend impulsively without regard to who benefits.
15. I go to MCA events `cause I like driving my car(see Signature) and I enjoy Mustangs and Mustang people. Sometimes the trip is more fun than the destination, and the destinations are all good.
16. I got some bad coffee at a BP station and was forced to stop at the next 3 rest stops.:grin:
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