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ALL FORD CAR & TRUCK SHOW. Located at Champlain Center Mall. Registration from 8-12, show untill 4 PM. All bullittheads welcome!!!
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Do you have rough directions or a phone number?
rancorKeeper, Great to hear from you! Take interstate 87 north, exit 36. Shopping center [mall], will be on your left as you exit, you will see 2 flags, U.S. & canadian, with a sears store. That is where the show will take place. You can also call MILES DeCoste, at 518 236-6080. Look forward to seeing you there, if you can make it!
Well, unfortunately, I got stuck painting the house yesterday. What a pain in the rear; I really wanted to attend, but the summer's starting to wrap up & I've got a lot of work left to do. How was the show?
The show was excellent! There were 4 bullitts altogether. 1 DHG [ who one first place], 1 true blue, and 2 black bullitts, of which one was mine. Funny though, when I saw the other black bullitts owner, I asked him " Hey are you Rancorkeeper?" I felt like A spy or CIA operative Trying to make contact! The guys name was Gary and said he would be back next year, lives about 40 miles south of plattsburg.Anyway, the Adirondack nationals are coming in september, one show I highly recommend, I will keep you posted.
Hi Guys.
Sorry I missed the show. I was at the Trois Rivieres Grand Prix, helping some friends in the Grand Am. race.
I will try for the next one if there is no race.
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