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Caravan From The Southeast

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Caravan To Nats From The Southeast

Ok, time to start putting together caravan info.

Starting in Florida, I am leaving Orlando about 5am on Wed. the 13th and DragonBullitt is leaving Tampa about the same time. We will meet on I-75 south of Ocala where the Florida Turnpike meets up with I-75. There is a rest area near the 345 mile marker. From there we will travel to Atlanta. Approximate arrival time is 12pm. We have two choices of how to go from there.

1. Continue north on I-75 to I-24 in Chattanooga and on to Nashville(arriving in that area around 4-5pm) then west on I-40 to Memphis.

2. From Atlanta, take I-20 west to Birmingham(arriving in that area around 1-2 pm) and then US78 to Memphis.

From my experience, the 1st option is about 85-90 miles longer but quicker because of being all interstate. The 2nd option has secondary roads on US78, but it has been about 3 1/2 years since I have been through there and US78 might be almost completed to B'ham, thus making that route quicker.

Also, which way we go will depend on if we are picking other Bullittheads up along the way and where that will occur.

Plans are to pull into Memphis somewhere around 7pm. I will post hotel info soon. Then on Thursday, leave Memphis around 8am and arrive mid afternoon in Tulsa. Memphis to Tulsa is about 410 mi. 5-6 hr. drive.
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kaylan1521 said:
Hmmm, depending on when we leave we may be in the Memphis area around the same time......
Sounds like we could roll into Tulsa as a group.
Bring this back to the top. Anybody going to join us in the trip??? Post up here so we can make some arrangements.
Less than two weeks until departure! Anyone going to join DragonBullitt and me on this trip????
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