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I went to Cars and Coffee last Saturday and WOW! Simply WOW! What a turn out. Everywhere you turned there was something spectacular, 2 Vectors, a CLK DTM, row of 300SLs, Lambos, Ford GTs, ect ect......

Oh and a few Ferraris showed up as!

Still loading the pics should be 321 total when done, enjoy:


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I believe this is where the show was and when it is held.

This Saturday, May 12th.
Cars and Coffee will feature

I say we make the best showing ever, even topping this weeks Ferrari turnout (of 105 Ferraris). Now obviously Fords can easily outdo them in quantity but I think we can even show them up in quality as well! Now our cars don't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy but at least we take the time to personalize and modify our cars, and I think we can get enough cars that most of them will be different from one another. Remember this is for ALL CARS POWERED BY FORDS, so bring what ever cool Blue Oval pride vehicle you own. The main area as you pull into the parking lot immediately to the right is for the Marque spot but I think we will have too many cars for that spot, so use good judgment here; I know everyone has incredible cars but lets leave those spots for the real show stoppers. I know someone who works for Mazda at those buildings so I will see if they will rope off the first isle for everyone else's cars. The show starts at 7am but I think we should be there by 6:30 to start filling in these spots or else it will be a big PIA to do so when everyone gets there.

For those coming from San Diego, I will be at the TGIFridays in Carlsbad at 5:30am and wheels rolling at 5:45 to be at PAG by 6:30am. If anyone wants to come with speak up!

Some cars being brought by Ford:
DeTomaso: Mangusta, Pantera, Vallelunga, Longchamps
Ford: GT-40, Ford GT
Lotus: Cortina, Europa Twin Cam and more
Race Cars: CanAm, TransAm, NASCAR, Sierra Cosworth, Formula 1, Group C, CTP, Indy
Ralley Cars: Falcon, RS200, Cortina
Roush: Mustang
Saleen: Mustang, S7
Sunbeam: Tiger
Shelby: Cobra, GT350, GT500
Vintage: Hot Rods, Cammers
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