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Castrol 5W-20

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I read in an earlier post that Art Hyde is using Castrol Syntec 5W-20 in his Bullitt, but at Castol's website 5W-20 is only available (apparently) in the GTX line, not the Syntec line. Has anyone found Syntec 5W-20? Thanks!
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jd: I E-mail Art Hyde to ask him where he got the 5W20 synthetic for his Bullitt and he came back with:

Subj: RE: 5W20 oil
Date: 8/10/01 12:41:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: [email protected] (Hyde, Arthur (A.S.))
To: [email protected]

Actually, I own a 1999 Cobra and use 5W50 Castrol Syntech in it. Thanks for the info on Amsoil.

Art Hyde
Mustang Chief Program Engineer
Ford North American Car
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Thanks for the clarification TSW! I noticed the concurrent thread soon after my post. Great information....looks like Amsoil for change #1. Thanks again.
I have not found syntac 5w-20. But I did find out that Motorcraft is making a synthetic blend 5w-20. This is the only oil I found close to synthetic. Believe it or not it was at Wal-mart.

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For reference, I emailed Castrol in this regard are here is their response.

"Thank you for contacting Castrol regarding the availability of Syntec Full
Synthetic Motor Oil,
SAE 5W20.

Castrol has introduced GTX 5W20 to the motor oil market to meet consumer demand.
GTX 5W20 exceeds Ford specification WSS-M2C153-H. It also exceeds 2001 model
service fill requirements for both Ford and Honda vehicles where SAE 5W20 motor
oil is
specified. Advanced base oil technology meets API SJ, ILSAC GF-3; GF-2 and the
API SL service categories.

In addition to excellent cold weather performance, Castrol GTX 5W20 provides the
maximum viscosity and thermal breakdown protection as all other Castrol Motor
Oil products.

Currently, an SAE 5W20 is not available retail through our Syntec line. We have
your interest to our Marketing Department. Since car manufacturers have
different requirements,
please consult your owner's manual for the highest recommended temperatures for
each grade.

Concerning Syntec application, please note that there are some guidelines that
you may follow.
Grades 5W-30 and 5W-50 can be used for all temperatures, as well as, 0W-30.
However, 0W-30
is especially suitable for temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Grade
10W-30 is most
suitable for temperatures above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Please consult your
owner's manual for
warranty concerns.

Castrol SYNTEC far exceeds every US and foreign auto manufacturer's warranty
requirement for
the protection of gasoline and turbocharged engines calling for API SJ or SH

Castrol SYNTEC Full Synthetic provides a layer of protection. In a newly built
engine, a certain
amount of controlled wear should occur to allow piston rings to seat and the
engine to "break-in".
We recommend using conventional oil for new and rebuilt engines until your first
oil change,
then you can use SYNTEC for superior engine protection.

Your continued interest and future patronage are valued. Please let us know if
we can be of
further assistance.

Lee W. Baldwin

Reference: 102285"
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