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Now that I got your attention... I picked up my new serial number sticker last night from local Ford dealer. It was about 6:30PM and not alot of people were there so I thought I would park parallel to the front of the building rather than risking parking next to another customer (to aviod door dings, etc.) In doing so, I misjudged the radius of my turn and scrapped my front rim on the raised sidewalk surrounding the dealership!! DAMN IT! Made a nice 7" long gouge on the bead of the rim. Let's see...pick up $2 sticker...ruin $150 rim...nice tradeoff :sad:
Well I guess I'll me doing some Dremel tool buffing and polishing. As a side note: The guy at the dealership called me up to say the sticker was in. He said "it's in a brown manilla envelope behind my computer in my office. Stop by and help yourself even if I'm not there!" So, I will get to put it on myself :smile: The new sticker DOES have a clear protective coating attached to the sticker. I tell you this dealer has given me excellent service concerning the sticker and replacing my headlights with no questions asked.
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