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Last month was a great turnout, the event is starting to grow back up again. Lets try to make this month even better. It would be awesome to have an event like Cars and Coffee and the Village Coffee Roaster down here in San Diego, why should LA and OC have all the fun? Of course those residing in those areas are always free to come down and join us. Open to EVERYONE and ALL cars. Its a killer location, very large parking lot at a shopping center just off the I-5 (but not backed up to it with the noise of the freeway), plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and a Starbucks as well. Not to mention the hottie women that are often there grabbing a coffee on their morning jog or on their way to shop!!!

Carlsbad Company Stores
5620 Paseo Del Norte Suite #124
Carlsbad, California 92008

From I-5 exit Palomar Airport Rd
Head EAST (from I-5S-Left, from I-5N-Right)
Turn LEFT on Paseo Del Norte
At first light turn RIGHT into shopping center
Enter and turn RIGHT at T-intersection into SOUTH parking lot.

Or click HERE for directions from a unique starting location.

FYI my friend at Symbolic is planning on bringing down a few cars again, last month unfortunately they were diverted at the last minute to the SD Auto Show but have brought incredible cars in the past including two Spykers, Lambos, Ferraris, an Exige S and more.


Dark Helmet-99 Vert Faleen
rrobello-05 GT
IrishLad-00 GT American Iron
Sonic Cobra-03 Cobra Vert
ScottieHottie-04 GT
Eds32vM1-03 Turbo Mach 1
...-05 GT SEMA car
Nestor-03 Mach 1
SteelBlitz1-05 GT
Execproducer-Aston Martin
gbrown37-Gallardo Spyder
bmorrell-997S vert
the_jay-03 M3 6MT
jwtfjwtf-328 GTS
Ken-02 TT X50
Ken's Friend-Heritage Ford GT
Bmw M3 Guy-M3
OnTheGreen-01 BMW 325IT
drpaulmarsh-99 Porsche 996 C2
bmorrell-997 Vert
AsianImage-01 996 Aero Cab
SST760-03 E46 M3, 00 NSX, or 94 TT Supra
EuroBmrDude-325i Sport
jtrejo's friend-911 Turbo
sddynamix-03 E46 M3

Gallery from last month:

Some Highlights from the past:


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Man those are some increadible cars!!
I would love to make one of those runs!! I can not compete though. Do they have a parking lot for 2nd class cars??

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well its a shopping mall so there is PLENTY of parking all over the place, but all are welcome, my car isnt up to par with some of these but I park with the stangs

bumping there are well over 50 cars now confirmed, I expect much more to show that dont post, hope to break the 100 mark this month
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