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Chad McQueen will be there-two more bullitts needed

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Calling all BullittHeads!!! We just need 2 more Bullitts to set a record at Queen Mary show

We need 2 more Bullitts


We need 2 more Bullitts to attend the Beach Cities Mustang show at the Queen Mary and set a record for a show. The date is Oct 5th, and the theme of the show is celebrating 40 years of everything Bullitt.

Jon and the guys and gals at Beach Cities Mustang club have pulled out all the stops to promote the Bullitt cars. We would love to have some more 08 and 09 Bullitts from California ( or any where else) help us break the record and show our appreciation to the Beach Cities Mustang Club.This is going to be a fun event

More information under IMBOC -Regional information- Pacific- Queen Mary


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You heard it here first...

Chad McQueen, son of Steve, will make a special appearance as part of BCMC's celebration of 40 years of everything "BULLITT". Also scheduled to appear is Chad's 2008 DHG BULLITT #001.

That makes 19 BULLITTS so far, guys. Just a few more and we break that record you were mentioning earlier. We are close to a sellout, but I'll make the room for you guys! Be sure to preregister, as any vehicles showing up day of show will be placed in a Day of Show class, and compete with other DOS vehicles.

Also scheduled: Chad will help me unveil an all-new Bullitt-related item. Something EVERY Bullitt owner will want and be able to order at the show. You guys will get the first shot...

On a personal note, I would like to thank you all for these 7 pages (so far!) of "Bullitt Summer Nationals" promo. Big Big Thanks to Michael O'Donnell - a long time Mustang friend - for going above and beyond, getting you guys to register.

I have this thing about numbers... So, if you guys would help me break the CA record of 21 Bullitts, not only will you guys have the current and unheard of "Bullitt" class - You'll have at least 3 classes. I just sent emails to the last 5 Bullitt owners from past shows that have not yet registered. I registered a Sunset Ford customer with a clean 2001 DHG. I am out of contacts! Help!

I am working on yet another VIP that Bullitt owners will be excited about. Will post or have O'Donnell do so when I have confirmation. Other confirmed celebs are TV Host Courtney Hansen.

Other notes:
Someone mentioned a DVD of the chase. Yes, bring it and get it to me. I may have a big screen at the show to play it on.

Be sure to RSVP for the Meet, Greet & Park event. Participants will be getting an invite with the vehicle pass mailings, but you can personally reply to me and I'll list ya. [email protected].

IMBOC is more than welcome to have a booth. Ya gotta represent, right? At least 1 10x10 canopy. Bring 2 10x10s and we'll do that, space permitting. Bring your banners, club info and the such. Please designate a leader or contact person and have that person contact me to help with your area set up and any special "experiences" for BULLITT owners. Anyone but Lebar or Dennis B. - they will be busy with the show.

I have added rooms to our sold-out block at the Queen Mary Hotel. Make it a Bullitt Vacation and stay aboard the historic ship. $129 a night. Park your car safely at the show site Sat PM.

Thanks again for your support, guys.

Jon Schultz
Director, Mustangs at the Queen Mary 12
President, Beach Cities Mustang Club

2003/2004 Mach 1s (Bullitt Cousins), 1967 Coupe & Fastback. 2008 F-150; 2008 Edge.

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