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"Check Fuel Cap" Indicator Light

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While driving last night, the "check fuel cap" indicator light illuminated. I read the related topic in the manual and it said that I should try reseating the fuel filler cap and that the light should go off after a period of "normal driving." The manual said that if it did not go off and the "check engine soon" light also illuminated, there could be a problem.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they knew how long a period of "normal driving" actually is. I just hate to waste a trip to the dealer for something that will fix itself. Thanks.
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I had the same problem and the dealership said there was a small vacuum leak. They found the problem was a failed "Vapor Management Valve". Maybe it's the EGR valve? They had to remove the passengers side fender well to replace it which was done under warranty. Problem Solved. Been about two months now with no reoccourance. The part they replaced was only $21.48 #SPO F8ZZ 9C915 CA. Hope that helps.

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