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Chrysler's ready to unleash it's new HEMI......

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Their new 5.7 Hemi head engine is slated for 2003 trucks,and later into the cars. It uses no fancy overhead cam setup,but very efficient hemi cylinder heads. Power output to be about 330 HP. This thing will have 2 plugs per cylinder,remember the Pro Stock Hemis of 1971!! Ford better get with it as far as efficient,larger,high HP engines!!Overhead cams don't make the power. The port design and displacement make the power.
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On a somewhat related subject; has anyone heard what the price of the Dodge Ram with the Viper V10 and 6 speed is expected to be? I hear that it is a 5 sec. 0-60 ride aimed directly at the Lightning.

Nothing better than auto manuf. getting into horsepower wars. There are a lot of desireable performance iron coming on-line these days...........I love it!

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