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Cincinnati, Norther KY Bullitt get together Sunday April 27th

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Found this over at the Mach 1 registry, and posting it here:

Midwest All Mach1 & Bullitt GTG at Hooters in Florence,KY On sunday 4/27/08

Times are 1PM-6PM is open to all Mustangs are welcome to come,

Hooters of Florence is just Off I-75 Burlington pike exit on the right on rt 18 just cross street from Airport Ford and behind K- Mart turn in to K-Mart parking lot then turn left until you see Hooters.
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I will be working so I am out. :-( Still getting setteld into the new house and haven't even had 745 out yet this week with all the nice weather. Been a little under weather on my end. :-(
Thanks Collin. Meds are finally kicking in and starting to feel better. Also, depending on what the Boss says, my schedule at work just got changed (have to go to a conference all next week) so I am off on Sunday so I might be able to make it. Keep your fingers crossed. ;)
WOO-HOO!!! Got the approval from the Boss to come down Sunday. I will try to give you a call tomorrow sometime Rick for furhter info/directions.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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