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Clutch Adjustment

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Does anybody know if there are any other clutch adjustments besides the sticking your foot under the pedal thing?

My clutch pedal is lik an inch above the brake pedal and 2 inches above the dead pedal with my foot off it. this sucks for driving in trafic for obvious reasons. i'm considering the Steeda adjuster, quadrant and cable to remedy this buy want to find out if there is any factory adjustment (besides the afore mentioned) before I drop the cash.
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the quadrant, cable, and adjuster allows you to have your clutch engage at any point during the pedal's travel
way down near the floor board OR at the very outermost point of clutch travel OR anywhere in between.
i do NOT believe that it actually changes the location of your clutch ......just the point of engagment
of course, i've been wrong before...i think it was a stormy day in 1997.....on a monday if i remember correctly

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